Online Coaching


Tired of floundering aimlessly around the gym and/or making little to no progress in your training? Would you like to enter the training environment because you have some athletic or aesthetic goals that you’d like to finally start making some ground on, but you have no idea where to begin? Would you like the confidence of knowing that you are being guided by an expert who wants to see you succeed and keep you healthy and injury free as well?

Why not hire a professional who can oversee the planning and process for you, who will go with you every step of the way, and finally get the results that you’ve been wanting?

Think of it as having your own personal high-performance manager, online.

A professional who can organise your entire performance schedule, from training and movement, recovery, nutrition, and habit formation, working privately for you. No automated copy-paste programming systems, but all resources operating towards your individual goals and needs.

Every month you get:
1. Your shared training programme on an Excel Spreadsheet and shared through google docs. Your Interactive programme will include quick, and thorough exercise video tutorials on how to perform them correctly.

2. Additional wellness tracking sheets attached so that we can manage fatigue and keep you healthy and making progress.

3. Ongoing programme monitoring and adjustment through Excels share function –  Training loads will be adjusted ahead of time-based on your feedback and response, to ensure that you are training appropriately.

4. Monthly report card of results and measured change.

5. Access to online-training software, if preferred over excel spreadsheets.

6. Access to additional nutritional coaching at no extra charge,  powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach Software which includes daily lessons, fortnightly habits, monthly check-ins all delivered to your inbox.

Note: This is not a diet protocol, but instead, a curriculum-based system of habit coaching, so that you will gain the tools necessary to create lifelong, sustainable changes yourself.


7. Monthly Skype call to assess results, perform physical tests where necessary and plan the next training cycles.

8. Access to a private FB group for support and educational purposes, as well as private webinars on related topics.

9. Designated email and phone support.

10. Mostly importantly, you receive motivation through education, direction, guidance, an action plan, support and accountability throughout..

Access to your online performance coach is $100 per fortnight. Availabilities are limited so that the highest possible level of quality service can be delivered, so act now by filling in the application below. If you’re application has been successful, you will be in contacted within 48 hours to arrange your first consultation.

Apply Now:

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