The Deload

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Deload week for miss @bellaogrady 🤗🤗 . One of our strategies to manage fatigue and keep our athletes progressing and healthy through periods of overload training is to peak each training block with a deload week. . 📈📈📈📉🎯🔄 . A deload week serves to 👇 . 1️⃣Reduce cumulative fatigue while providing enough of a stimulus to conserve most training adaptations. 2️⃣Promote a restocking of energy stores, tissue healing and recovery of many of the body's systems. 3️⃣Reduce lethargy due to inactivity, and reduce soreness that can occur with a new training cycle. 4️⃣Increase sensitivity to the training stimulus and prepare the athlete for another productive training cycle. . 😴🔋🙋💪🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️⚡️💨🏅🔄 . What can you do? 🤔📝 . 1️⃣Provide enough of a consistent overload to garner cumulative adaptation and fatigue to need a deload in the first place 🤔 2️⃣At the end of each overload period (typically between 3-5 weeks) train one week with reduced loading. 👉working with 50-70% of your usual volume and intensity works well. 👉🔎Half sets, half reps, half load. . Specific needs will vary depending on the individual athlete and training type. 🏋️‍♀️@bellaogrady 🎥 @dannyleejames #deload #rest #recovery #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #olift #clean #powerclean #sprinter #hurdles #track #athletics #movement #flexibility #mobility #stability #strength #power #speed #physiotherapy #performance #fitness #health #exercise #training #surryhills #sydney #australia

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