What silence is to sound

Although high intensity interval training or (HIIT) has become extremely popular over the last decade or so, it seems as though many coaches and trainers are still unsure of the underlying physiology of HIIT and exactly how best to merge it into a program. For anybody looking for a crash course on why HIIT works [...]

A clearing has been made by those came this way before

I am elated to share that a brand new research review service has just been launched by Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley entitled Click on the above and see for yourself. These two extremely bright gentlemen are offering up a monthly summary of all of the latest and greatest research in the fields of Strength [...]

We will rise and we will overcome

Admittedly it had been over two weeks since I'd engaged in any form of conditioning work. Although presently lower on the list of bio-markers to improve, the twice weekly sprint sessions allotted, for one reason or another did not eventuate and although only a small piece of the whole that makes up my physical preparations, [...]