Why We Don’t Do ‘Girl Push Ups’ and What We Do Instead

Main Points: 1. The push up is not only a foundational upper body strength exercise, it is also a dynamic core stability exercise. 2. If you cannot perform full-length push ups, there are better alternatives than the kneeling push up that are safer and have a much higher return. 3. Appropriate exercise selection + consistently [...]

Bookmarked 3: Charlie Weingroff, Danny Camargo and Mike Boyle on the FMS, Developing a High Performance Program, All Things Olympic Lifting and Coaching Kids

Highly recommended viewing from three of the best Coaches in the world. CVASPS Podcast-Episode 67: Charlie Weingroff, A Case For The Functional Movement Screen Never have I heard a more reasoned position for using the Functional Movement Screen. quote: ''There is value in understanding if the joints of the body, can get into the ideal [...]

Video: Kettlebell Swing Instruction by Joe Sansalone and Christine Norris

I am very excited to bring you today's post which includes a tremendous video contribution from Joe Sansalone and Christine Norris of Optimum Performance Training Institute. Following an earlier post in which I explored current research on the pros and cons of the kettlebell swing, I reached out to Joe for help. I asked if [...]