119 Fitness Facts

These days a remarkable amount of information can be found right at your fingertips. It can be an overwhelming task deciding where to invest your time and attention. To simplify things, here is a short list of things relating to exercise, recovery and life in general that have experientially and evidentially proven to be helpful. [...]

The Deload

Place in the sun

This month I turned 30 years old, and the approach of this new milestone, along with the frosty perspectives of middle age, brought with it for better or worse, tidings of severe recollection and reflection upon many aspects of my life lived so far. Most notably, those areas which tend to absorb the most and [...]


At your service, thank you for visiting the new site of Agoge Performance Training. It has been a long deferred take-off but finally we're up and happy to be amongst the blogosphere so please do stop by again soon for regular and not so regular updates as APT navigates its way around this unfamiliar medium. [...]