A clearing has been made by those came this way before

I am elated to share that a brand new research review service has just been launched by Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley entitled Click on the above and see for yourself. These two extremely bright gentlemen are offering up a monthly summary of all of the latest and greatest research in the fields of Strength [...]

A road unimpeded and well lit

...Originally posted 29/12/2011 on Fitness Sphere where I also now contribute, I thought readers here might benefit aswell. Before indulging in preferred training strategies that I use and that perhaps may or may not be familiar to many readers here, as well as offer the context in which I believe these strategies best fit, I [...]


At your service, thank you for visiting the new site of Agoge Performance Training. It has been a long deferred take-off but finally we're up and happy to be amongst the blogosphere so please do stop by again soon for regular and not so regular updates as APT navigates its way around this unfamiliar medium. [...]