Edge of ability

Originally published on my personal site, I felt that here was an appropriate home for this random thoughts post. These are some points or reminders that, as a Coach I have found myself reflecting on at times. Heuristics, if you prefer.

  • A Coaches role in the process, is to become progressively dispensable.
  • School simply can not equip the Coach of all things with which he/she can use to prepare the athletes. It is an important beginning, no doubt. How to show up, how to act with professional and personal integrity at all times, and in the best interest of your athletes; that you need to bring to the game.
  • Further to this; there is a time for theory/calculation/science, and a time for practice/action/art. Know the appropriate blend for the individual and situation.
  • I would always advocate going as far as you can, evidentially and experientially informed. Before applying any speculative knowledge or informed intuition. And I still cannot completely reconcile the latter with myself yet.
  • Coach dials the environment.
  • Facilitating realisation.
  • Minimum effective dose.
  • Best practice
  • Do. No. Harm
  • Economy of words. Simplify the message, not the goal. Communicate context.
  • Research. Relate. Reframe.
  • When assessing ‘readiness’ using bio-feedback, the greater value in looking for trends over time, as opposed to banking on daily changes. I would be remiss not to make notes, or enquire further however.
  • Adapt. The best Coaches I know, are adaptable and integrative. With knowledge, ways of knowing, application etc. Be flexible in your methods, but not your principles.
  • What do you believe? What is your why? ”when your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
  • To have ‘forgotten more stuff than most people learn,’ (I believe this was referring to Coach Dan John?) to my mind is profound in its simplicity and precision of fact, when it comes to continued professional development, at least in this field. I think that if we can say this of ourselves after so much given to mastering the craft, and having discarded much of what we’ve painstakingly acquired over many years and great effort through obsessive distillation, it’s really the best we can hope for.
  • I am immensely grateful for the reminder of the fairer side of human nature that I am fortunate to witness, that emerges from the stress of such betterment endeavours. To wilfully undergo the very necessary contribution of regimented and carefully dosed difficulty that is applied to acquire a planned-for training effect, requires tremendous humility. A healthy value opinion of self-improvement. Choice. These are typically high worth individuals. (see Talent breeds Trauma)
  • They can usually do the least, who want to work the most, or the hardest. The trick is to temper this enthusiasm. Without being discouraging, but realistic.
  • That, which repressed in the day-to-day of living, finds often the outlet hour of need, in the session, – long-term programming benefits aside. I sometimes need reminding of this. Employ always best practice first, and where possible have fun. Take your work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously.The coach that I look up to and would like to be is always out of reach. Reach anyway.
  • To be expanded upon.

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